"Camper and Motorhome has come about from a need from the founder (Gavin) that has not been served or found on other motorhome websites."

"After 25 years of buying and selling campervans and motorhomes all over the globe including exporting campers from Australia and the USA, this site has come to fruition and aims to serve both buyers and sellers with a better experience all around. "

So why is this site different to other listing websites?

  • More search variables to get more specific on what you are looking for when buying a motorhome.
  • Onus on the seller to prepare their campervan or motorhome for the buyer by confirming demonstrations when they buy!
  • Gas checks and habitation checks clear and easy to understand if present or not in the ad.
  • Clear categories to quickly search what you are after.
  • Comprehensive listing tool that allows for characteristics specific to the motorhome industry
  • Easy ad management tools
  • Free for Private sellers
  • Very competitive prices for motor traders

We would love to hear your feedback!