Camper and Motorhome Welcome you!

It has been a long time coming!

Camper and Motorhome is a new listing marketplace to assist both buyers and sellers find the right motorhome or campervan. What separates us from the other websites is the fact that it has been designed from the ground up as a dedicated listing website with aim of search in mind. 

When searching for a motorhome there are special requirements that are so important, that if the detail is not listed, then you will be forced to look elsewhere. What good is that to anyone? We are new and here to help both our advertisers and searchers. For example, if you are looking for a specific weight because your license is not C1 then we hope that you can find the ideal weight motorhome in just a few clicks. The same goes for length and height! 

Find a camper with the right dimensions and attributes!

From experience of buying and selling many camper vans and motorhomes, the founder Gavin knows what matters when looking for the ideal purchase. Things such as has the camper had a habitation check or what emission class is the motorhome as that may limit which cities you can go into. Important points that are often overlooked by other listing websites. Gavin has taken the site one step further to include demonstrations by owners or dealers. Now that is peace of mind!

One size does not fit all!

We hope that you find your perfect motorhome and it meets your expectations! If you have any recommendations please email our founder at

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